Easy Online Bill Payments

Easy Online Payments - Secure, Fast and you will always have a record of payment!

  1. Have your statement or an invoice ready with your customer number
  2. Select  the bank you deal with (see below or to the right)
  3. Sign in
  4. Select Payments tab
  5. Click Add a Payee in the left hand navigation menu.
  6. Select the Payee Province.
  7. Enter the Payee Name in the text box and select the correct payee/company name from the search results. Guy Fuels or Guy Fuels and Propane Inc.
  8. Enter your account number as it appears on your bill in the Account Number field. Please use customer number not the ship account.
  9. Enter a Nickname to help you remember this payee for next time.
  10. Click Verify Payee.
  11. You’ll be asked to confirm the payee details. If correct, select Add Payee to continue. You’ll see a confirmation once your request has been submitted.

TD Bank
BMO Bank

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